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About Cookiehat Design

Our focus is helping you establish an online presence.


Cookiehat Design is a design company that was founded in 2012 by Katie Rosen.

We specialize in website and graphic design for small businesses/organizations.

We are located in Saskatoon, SK, Canada.

The Company’s Name

The “Cookie” part of the name is based on the kind of cookies you get from websites, because Cookiehat Design is mainly a website design company, but also offers other services. The “Hat” part of the name is based on the idiom about wearing many hats, because we offer many different design services, and Katie has many roles within the company. The “Design” part is because we’re a webiste and graphic design company.


Contact Cookiehat Design if you don’t have a website yet, or are having any of the following issues with your current website:

  • You are worried that your customers won’t be able to find the information they need.
  • You are concerned that your competitor’s websites look more professional.
  • You are frustrated that it isn’t a good representation of your company/organization.

Cookiehat Design specializes in the following:


We can create new websites, or redesign/update existing ones. The website will be well organized and easy to navigate, the design will be creative and professional, and will accurately and effectively represent your business/organization.


Your new/redesigned website will include:

  • a professional design
  • a content management system (WordPress)
  • one contact form
  • SEO friendly pages
  • training and written instructions for making changes to website using Wordpress
  • domain and hosting set-up (if you don’t already have it)

Additional features:

  • a newsletter sign-up box
  • social media buttons linked to company accounts
  • an online store
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Events page
  • a photo gallery
  • videos
  • a logo for your business/organization
  • resume/portfolio
  • blog

So just what is SEO? SEO is a process for driving traffic to a website from search engines unpaid or organic search results list. Achieving high search engine rankings can double and even triple your traffic which can result in more contacts, more sign-ups, and more sales. Just like in the offline word you are constantly competing with competitors for new customers. In search engines you have new competitors waiting for you! Professional SEO services can help put you ahead of your online competitors so they find you first!

Before starting SEO, think about what you would want site visitors to do on your website? Do you want them to call you, fill out a quick form, sign-up for your eNewsletter or purchase a product? Whatever you want them to do – make it obvious, don’t make them wonder. If you tell site visitors what to do they are more likely to do it. SEO will drive the traffic to your website and as they arrive on your website you can convert them into customers.

So just how much traffic are we talking? There is no clean cut answer for this. It depends on your niche and the keywords you select to optimize your site for. One of the first steps of SEO is keyword research. Keyword research involves determining which keywords will likely bring your website the most traffic. It is important to use keywords that have a good search volume, however, it is also important to consider how competitive your keywords are. The more competitive the keywords, the longer it can take to rank your website in Google. A professional SEO expert can help you carefully select the best keywords for your online business.

SEO brings relevant traffic to your website. These are customers who are using search engines to find exactly what you are offering which makes it even more likely you will convert site visitors into customers. Professional SEO services will also keep your website ranked in Google. Unfortunately, there have been many websites that are ranked number one in Google and then are nowhere to be found the next day due to Google’s algorithm changes that happen without warning or information.

Ultimately, professional SEO services provide you with a web presence. In the end, is there really a reason to have a business website if it doesn’t get any traffic? If you want to experience growth, SEO is a fantastic marketing tool. SEO is less costly than aimlessly going after untargeted leads. New, targeted leads will result in sales and increase the bottom line for your business.


Social media audit:

  • Location of all social media accounts both “owned” and “imposters”
  • Accuracy of profiles against brand guidelines- imagery, logos, spelling
    of accounts, URLs
  • Metrics including- number of fans/likes, frequency of posts,
  • Types and structure of posts
  • Mentions both “formal” and “informal” on social networks
  • Comparison between your social media account/presence and your competitors

Social media strategy:

  • What content will be posted under your profile(s)
  • When will the posts be made
  • Who is the target audience
  • Who will create the content
  • How the content will be promoted

Setting up and branding accounts for clients:

  • Helping you decide which social network(s) would be the most useful to you
  • Creating accounts/editing existing accounts
  • Filling in information so people can learn about and understand your company
  • Branding the accounts so they accurately represent your company
  • Making the page attractive and unforgettable

Crisis planning:

  • Helping you create a plan in case of a social media crisis

Client employee training:

  • Educate employees about social media and how to contribute to the company’s social media accounts
  • Create a policy for acceptable social media use
  • Brainstorming sessions about what to post


We also offer…

Graphic Design

We can create or redesign:

  • a logo for your business or organization
  • items with your logo to advertise your organization
  • posters to advertise events
  • labels for music, photo, or video CD/DVDs
  • invitations/thank you cards



Eye-catching photos of your company/organization or products for your website, social media, or marketing.

Katie Rosen

Katie Rosen

Designer & Social Media Manager

Katie likes to design – anything and everything from websites to jewelry and art. She volunteers as the Communications Director for her community association. One of her roles is doing the layout for their monthly community newsletter.


Katie Rosen has a diploma in Multimedia Professional Studies from New Media Campus, and is currently taking courses at Udemy, which she loves because she can learn about many subjects and be even more qualified for her design jobs. She likes the flexibility of taking classes online, so she can be more available to her clients.

Contact Cookiehat Design - No job is too small, we look forward to working with you!